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General description

As a theological discipline, Church History studies and describes the emergence and dissemination of the Christian life and doctrine from the beginnings of Christianity to the present. Within the disciplinary framework of Church History, events are analyzed through the lens of emerging theoretical perspectives. The history of the church, and of Christianity, bears close links to social transformations and thus must be studied as a part and in the context of broader historical trajectories. For that reason, Church History invests in cultivating interdisciplinary ties to other disciplines with a historical and philological orientation. The study of Church History is currently focused on the history of ecclesiastical institutions, of piety and doctrine, as well as the church-state relationship.

Core course offerings

  • Survey lectures (history of dogma is integral to the lecture series)
    • KG I
    • KG II
    • KG III
  • Introductory, core and advanced seminars as well as recitation classes (tutorials)

Special topics courses

Lecture classes, (interdisciplinary) seminars and tutorials in the following areas:

  • Theory and Methods of Church History
  • Patrology
  • Late Middle Ages (transition from the Middle Ages to Reformation)
  • reformatory movements
  • History and Philosophy in 18th Century (Enlightment/Pietism)
  • Contemporary History
  • Discourse Theory Approaches and Historiography

Module Advisor

Masters' and Module Advisor can be found on the following page:


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  • Research under the aegis of the Interdisciplinary Center for Pietism Research at Martin Luther University in conjunction with the Francke Foundations in Halle
  • Research on Lutheran Orthodoxy and Reformation History conducted in conjunction with the Leucorea Foundation in Wittenberg
  • Research on Early Christian Apologetics in the context of Late Antiquity. This project is being carried out in cooperation with Aarhus University (Denmark).
  • The Migration of Faith. Clerical Exile in Late Antiquitiy (325-600). This project is being carried out in cooperation with University of Sheffield (England) and Aarhus University (Denmark).


Special libraries dedicated to the history of the West Slavic Religious and Church History and the Regional Church History of the Church Province of Saxony (Kirchenprovinz Sachsen) and Anhalt.


Prof. Dr. Udo Sträter (emeritus)

Prof. Dr. Jörg Ulrich

  • Born in 1960, since 1.9.2002 Professor of Church History in Halle, since 2003 University Preacher at Martin-Luther-University, Halle-Wittenberg
  • Research interests: 2nd century apologetics; Christianity and Judaism in Christian antiquity; Christianity and Late Antiquity; Church and theology in the 12th century context of a paradigm shift

Prof. Dr. Friedemann Stengel

  • born in 1966, since 2018 Professor for Newe Church History in Halle and Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for the Studies on Pietism
  • Research interests: Church- and Cultural History of the early Reformation, Churchhistory of the 18th and 20th century, discours theory and historiography

Jun. Prof. Dr. Stanislau Paulau

Prof. Axel Noack

Prof. Dr. Martin Heimgartner

Prof. Dr. Blossom Stefaniw (Heisenberg Fellow)



Private Docents

Visiting lecturers and staff directly associated with Church History

Student Assistants

Student assistants at the Chair for Patristics

  • Felicitas Simmat
  • Janna Rieke Lüttmann
  • Kai Klemm-Lorenz
Felicitas Simmat

Felicitas Simmat

Felicitas Simmat

Janna Rieke Lüttmann

Janna Rieke Lüttmann

Janna Rieke Lüttmann

Kai Klemm-Lorenz

Kai Klemm-Lorenz

Kai Klemm-Lorenz












Student assistants at the Chair for Modern Church History

Administrative Assistant

Early Church History (Prof. Dr. Jörg Ulrich)
Ms. Kinder, hours: Monday - Friday 9.00 a.m. - 12.00 p.m. and by appointment
Tel: +49 (0) 345 / 55 230 51

Modern Church History (Prof. Dr. Friedemann Stengel)
Ms. Markus: Office hours - by appointment

Tel: +49 (0) 345 / 55 230 02


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