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Jens Kotjatko-Reeb

Information on Hebrew language courses at the Faculty of Theology

The elementary course on Biblical Hebrew is intended primarily for students of Protestant Theology and Judaism. The course also targets students of the Oriental Institute interested in learning Hebrew as their second Semitic foreign language. If the total enrollment does not exceed the maximum class size, students from other departments may also enroll for this language course.

Hebrew classes are currently being offered every semester (eight teaching units per week). The Hebraicum, the qualifying examination for Hebrew, comprising a written test (three hours) and an oral examination (20 minutes), will be held at the end of the semester.

In the federal state of Saxony Anhalt the Hebraicum also counts as a supplementary examination for the German Abitur (university qualifying exam). Successful completion of the Hebraicum allows students to claim a bonus semester and can be included in the calculation of the maximum duration of the study program.

In addition to the elementary course, an advanced “Reading Course in Biblical Hebrew” is also offered each semester (two teaching units per week). This course is intended for students who have already completed the Hebraicum or can demonstrate equivalent proficiency.

A two-semester course in Modern Hebrew (four teaching units per week) is open to students of Judaism (compulsory) and other interested students (esp. theology students and students of the Oriental Institute) who have completed the Hebraicum. There is a three-hour written test at the end of the semester.

Course materials

Course materials for the elementary course on Biblical Hebrew:
KopienHebraeischgrundkurs.pdf (4.3 MB)  vom 10.10.2007

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